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The Full Story

Freddy Harteis has experienced some amazing successes during his 14 years hosting his own hunting shows, "The Hollywood Hunter, The Maverick, and Stonewall The Outfitter” currently airing on the Sportsman Channel. This show high-lights many of the people Freddy has met along the way that inspire him. They are featured as characters within the episodes to showcase not only their hunting adventures; but also shed light on who they are as a Maverick and the positive impact they have on the lives of others. His collaborations with other hunting outfitters as well as the manufacturers of many of his must- have hunting gear components have helped to build a vast international network of phenomenal outdoorsmen and creative niche business experts around the world. In this way, he carries on the legacy that his father began; rapidly expanding his business while carefully overseeing all essential aspects of ranch and habitat management. Starting out with some 3000 acres the Outfitter has partnered up with many incredible private ranches to span over 36,000 acres to date.

The challenge for a man who lives to hunt in the great outdoors is to find some work-life balance. Nothing drives that point across like an expanding family. Since Emmie Rose and Huck Fredrick have hit the scene, it’s been tough to keep Freddy Harteis out on the road too long. But that has turned out to be a good thing. The Harteis Ranch & properties, a 35,000+ acre intentionally cultured and professionally managed hunting habitat that has been family run since 1996, has quickly become his home base for more expertly guided hunts. The HR is notorious for its big mule bucks and elk, but also offers other great hunting experiences including Merriam turkey, bear, antelope, and mountain lion. The Harteis Ranch has also expanded beyond its world class hunts and is now offering all-inclusive summer retreats that can accommodate any outdoor enthusiast. Nestled between the Spanish Peaks and the Sangre De Christo Mountain Range in the Stonewall Valley of Colorado is where you will find this one-of-a-kind destination. It is located just minutes from the breathtaking Monument Lake where tremendous fishing and various water sports await. Shed hunting in season, archery training and firearm safety education as well as paintball battles are just a few of the many things that the visitors at the Harteis Ranch can choose to do. With over 24 miles of developed roads leading you through- out the property, you’ll be able to participate in guided wildlife excursions and electric utility vehicle tours as another wonderful experience the ranch has to offer. It is a blessing to be able to offer the Harteis Ranch as an option for families as Freddy’s family is growing too! The Ranch provides a home away from home when he and his wife Linsey, along with their 2 children, are not on their farm in Harrisburg, PA.

Freddy and his amazing crew of professional hunting guides, producers, videographers, editors and writers are always up to the challenge and are currently busy filming hunts for the NEW series Stonewall The Outfitter.

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